The Star Wars Action Figures in my house get anxious if they’re stored in the closet for extended periods. They like to get out and strut a bit. And when they do my role is simply to observe and report.

The collection covered in these pages is for the most part vintage, originating during the revered 1977 to 1985 era. Some are from the 1990’s. And a few are newer still. I wish I could say that the vintage figures were all mine since childhood. I did actually collect and play with most of those great toys as a child. But (cursed by a blinding fog of pre-teen angst and hormones) I burned, blew-up, deconstructed, reconstructed, and otherwise trashed that collection in late summer 1982. I would give just about anything to get my hands on the custom rebuilt figures I made from the parts of my dissected figures!

If it’s not abundantly clear, I’m using crap equipment. The camera is alternately my 4-year old Olympus Stylus 710 or my wife’s Sony CyberShot. For lighting I use cheap tricks found at the nearest 99-cents store.