The End.

The End. (Vintage AT-AT, Kenner, 1980)

The End. (Vintage AT-AT)

The End of the Line for those pesky Rebels that is!

And, sad is it may be, it’s also the End of this six-part AT-AT exposé. I said at the onset that taking on the whole toy in one shot wasn’t really feasible but of course that only made me feel the challenge that much more. So here she is in all her chin-to-tail glory, ready to do some serious business on behalf of her Imperial masters. Stomp on, trusty AT-AT, stomp on!


    • Ain’t it the truth. The vintage AT-AT is the first thing I see when I open the door to my office every day. Always kicks things off on the right note!

    • Never was given one of these as a gift. But a couple years earlier I was given an x-wing fighter at xmas. The mother lode!

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