Armed to the ‘Tooth.

Armed to the 'Tooth. (Vintage Hammerhead, Vintage Snaggletooth)

Armed to the 'Tooth. (Vintage Hammerhead, Vintage Snaggletooth)

I’ll be damned. Two of my favorite vintage figures together in what may very well be one of my favorite shots. Barkeep, I’ll drink to that!

Now the red Snaggletooth has some special memories for me.

First, back in June of 1978, I recall that I found him for sale on the shelves of a ‘Drews’ five and dime store that I would have never expected to sell Star Wars action figures. That eureka moment of discovery is something that miraculously hangs on.

Second, fate saw fit to send me on my first trip to a 3-week summer camp the very next day after finding Snaggletooth. Toys were obviously not welcome at camp, so it was a really big deal that I was going to have to part ways with my new prize so quickly. As much as I had the time of my life at that first summer camp, I’m sure I thought every day about that little red snaggletooth waiting for me at home.

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    • It could not have been June of 1978, because red Snaggletooth didn’t come out until 1979. I’m sure you found it in June 1979, the time of the free Boba Fett offer.

      • Richard, I believe you’re right. 20-Backs probably didn’t show up until very late 1978. Even though the Red Snag had the Boba Fett offer I think I found it at the very same time that my mail-order Fetts were delivered. And I do mean plural. Kenner’s fulfillment system accidentally sent me two Boba Fetts by mistake! Greatest day of my young life.

      • Lucky! 2 Fetts by mistake. I had to send in more proofs-of-purchase for my two Fetts. Red snaggletooth was one of the last 8 new figures of 1979 that I obtained.

        • It’s hard to believe we were still finding new Star Wars figures on shelves less than a year before ESB came out. Of course six or nine months for a little kid seems like an eternity.

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