Ree is the Magic Number.

Ree is the Magic Number. (Vintage Ree-Yees)

Ree is the Magic Number. (Vintage Ree-Yees)

Kenner released around 100 different action figures between 1977 and 1985. I’d be hard-pressed to name one that has a more compelling sculpt, more attention to detail, and just generally more love poured into it than the diminutive Ree-Yees from Return of the Jedi. It’s ironic considering that the character had about 1.8 seconds of screen time!

Got a favorite character that might not be in the spotlight of popularity? Let me know in the comments.


    • I think we need to start a grass-roots movement to jettison Ree-Yees into mainstream Star Wars celebrity. Within a year I bet he could be bigger than Boba Fett!

  1. Definitely Prune Face. Of course the Robot Chicken sketch makes his awesomeness even more apparent, but I think the vintage Prune Face figure is similarly excellent. The cloth poncho just looks amazing, especially when he’s holding his little musket. All this for a character that I’ve never even seen on screen!

  2. What about Prune Face? That figure clearly had a lot of love put into him. The eyepatch, the wrinkled clothes, the slight paunch, the cloth poncho, the musket with strap. And I’ve never even seen him on screen!

  3. You get the sense that there was someone hired by Kenner during the ROTJ period that really knew what they were doing with their sculpts. Ree-Yees, Bib Fortuna, Lando Palace Guard, The Emperor, Paploo, Leia Boussh, Biker Scout, Weequay, Nikto… it’s a long list of impressive sculpts that really blow away what came before in 1977 and 1980 (at least in terms of details). There are a couple of exceptions though. A-Wing Pilot, Jedi Luke… I have a feeling these were done by a different person. And that person liked to sculpt their humans really, really skinny!

  4. The ROTJ alien sculpts were top-notch from what I remember. He’s not entirely on the periphery but I’ve always been a fan of Greedo, particularly the version that doesn’t get a shot off!

  5. Another great photo! Well done. Yes, the detail is actually quite extraordinary. Well captured and presented! You’ve inspired me to look over my vintage collection again to focus on such detail in every figure. I get a great sense that he’s looking right at me thinking something I’d love to discern. 🙂

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