I, Jedi.

I, Jedi. (Vintage Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight)

I, Jedi. (Vintage Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight)

The Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight figure tends to cause a major stir among collectors. Why? If you’re not already immersed, let me introduce you to the concept of variants.

Thirty years ago, when the original line of Star Wars action figures was first in production, the toys were made by different factories in a range of countries. In the end the action figures would (mostly) bear the Kenner logo sure enough, but the roads that led to that final package were many. So the toys had variations, some to a greater or lesser extent than others.

The Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight figure is a great example on the plus side. Just to name the biggest issues with this guy… sometimes he was packaged with a blue light saber, sometimes green (less common)… his cape sometimes had a snap (less common), sometimes no snap… and to my eyes the biggest variation of all… sometimes Luke’s head was molded in flesh-colored plastic with eyes and hair painted on and sometimes his head was molded in hair-colored plastic with the whole face painted on. I believe the flesh-colored mold (shown above) is far less common and it’s definitely my favorite.

Anyway, that’s your introduction to variants. Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight is just one of over 90 vintage figures so you can imagine that this study never ends. To those hungry for more I’ll wish you good luck.


  1. When I was a kid I had I dream that I had gotten this figure. The dream seemed so real that when I woke up I tore my room apart and threw a fit trying to find it. My mom had to calm me down and explain it must have been a dream.

    I later got this figure. It was by far my favorite one ever.

    Was there a version where the head was molded from the same plastic as the body with face and hair painted on? It seemed like the tip nose on mine, and a few others I’ve seen, wore off leaving a very dark spot instead.

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