I Want My MTV-7.

I Want My MTV-7.  (Vintage MTV-7 Mini Rig, Vintage AT-AT Driver)

I Want My MTV-7. (Vintage MTV-7 Mini Rig, Vintage AT-AT Driver)

I debated long and hard about whether to go with this photo or an alternate photo that includes the MTV-7’s steam-rolling wheels in all their glory. On the one hand, by coming in a little tighter like this, the mini rig’s body details really come through with alarming immediacy. On the other hand, without the awesome wheels the MTV-7 loses a significant part of its charm.

Obviously this one took the cake in the end.


    • OK – I hope it’s not too much of an anti-climax, but here’s that photo. The wheels are actually not 100% visible and their levels are so dark that they kind of disappear to the background. Still, seeing them with the full length of the wheel struts (not to mention the cool design details on the wheel struts) is pretty cool.

  1. Personally I like the posted picture more. There the small mini rig becomes very impressive almost intimidating.
    I can imagine how much fun it must have been to speed over the snow covered plains of Hoth with this vehicle. .

      • I would try to attach thin threads to each of the wheels to keep the MTV-7 stretched out. Black threads would be the best I guess, so you don’t see them easily.

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