Il Imperatore.

Il Imperatore.  (Vintage Emperor's Royal Guard, Vintage The Emperor)

Il Imperatore.
(Vintage Emperor’s Royal Guard, Vintage The Emperor)

The sculpt of the vintage ‘The Emperor’ action figure kind of gives me the creeps. Compared to most other vintage Kenner action figures, it’s remarkably detailed. Under normal light and with the naked eye, you don’t really notice it. But turn out the lights and get up in his grill with a magnifying camera lens? He really looks like he’s staring me down and ready to wipe that smirk clean off my face. Another excellent example of Kenner doing extraordinary work in the later years of the original Star Wars toys.


  1. Wow! What an amazing picture!
    I don’t see the evil Emperor in this one at all. I see an old, sad, lonely man. You can really see the pain in his eyes. He looks almost a shamed.

    This probably sounds weird because it’s just a plastic action figure, but this photo really moved me in some strange way.

    Thank you for that! 🙂


    • Thanks Stefan. The weirdest part is that, cast in this light, he looks like my own grandfather. Or at least what I recall of him from 35 years ago.

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