In For A Pound.

In For A Pound. (Vintage Death Squad Commanders, Vintage Dengar)

In For A Pound. (Vintage Death Squad Commanders, Vintage Dengar)

Little bit of an issue with Dengar. For me he’s the poster boy of the barely-seen characters from the Empire Strikes Back that were made into toys for little reason other than snatching dollars from me and my brethren — the Star Wars Action Figure Maniacs.

Even as a snot-nosed 10-year-old kid I knew this vaguely to be true. Sure, I bought Dengar. But I remember being puzzled as to who he actually was. I’d seen the movie, but could not possibly place him in the story. Unfortunately there were quite a few more toys that fit this description, and attempting to fit them all happily within Star Wars playtime was a bit irritating.

But time heals everything. History has smiled on the Bounty Hunters. And Dengar, with his chubby tummy, his fetid wraps, and his junkyard knapsack, is loved.


  1. I felt the same way as a kid, the sneaking suspicion that Kenner was just making random figures from characters that appeared for one second in the films. Still, I can recall the excitement when I found 2-1B on the rack, and Bossk is one of my favorites ever.

    • Totally agreed. Both of those figures had great mojo from the get-go and have only become better over time. Poor Dengar was definitely more of an acquired taste. He was the ‘Pigpen’ of the Star Wars gang.

  2. A recent viewing (for the 200th, 400th? time) of Return of the Jedi had me surprised. Dengar is in Jabba’s Palace! Oh! Star Wars still amazes me, I am always noticing new things — characters, plot development and stuff George has yet to fix (haha) . . .

  3. We had so many story books, picture books, issues of Starlog Magazine and Famous Monsters around the house, so I knew he was a bounty hunter when I was a kid. In one of those magazines ( probably ‘Starlog’) I remember it was giving the low down on the bounty hunters. I remember it said that Boba Fett had been a Super Storm Trooper ( this was kind of true in his conception by Lucas and the gang in the early stages), and it said Dengar had lost a fight with Chewbacca and was recovering from his wounds, which is why he was bandaged and crippled. haha.

    I love the old Star Wars Lore from the era of the movies.

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