Not Easy Being Greedo.

Not Easy Being Greedo.  (Vintage Greedo)

Not Easy Being Greedo. (Vintage Greedo)

It’s too bad Greedo gets extinguished less than one minute into his epic role in Star Wars. I thought he was a pretty rad guy. He didn’t quite have the snappy outfit of, say, Boba Fett, but for entertainment value he was the hands down winner. His dialogue opposite Han Solo revealed without a doubt that he was indeed equal parts scum and villainy; the consummate lackie for El Jabba. It makes one wonder as cool as Boba Fett was looked, how much more so could he have been if he’d actually been given some dialogue beyond the arrid and utilitarian quips he’s known for:

“As you wish”
“He’s no good to me dead”
“What if he doesn’t survive?”
“He’s worth a lot to me”
“Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold”.

In truth Boba Fett comes off as a pretty boring dude. I’ll take my beer with Greedo any day.


  1. you should read “Greedo’s Tale” in the short story collection, Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina. You actually feel sorry for the guy.

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