On Hiatus.

On Hiatus. (Vintage Imperial Shuttle)

On Hiatus. (Vintage Imperial Shuttle)

Alright kids, in case you haven’t already noticed, I’m taking a short break from the action figure photos while I get settled in a new house. Fear not, by early May I should be back in full swing. Cheers!


  1. Heh, I just packed up my Imperial Shuttle last night 😉

    Hope the move goes well. I’ll be doing the same thing this weekend. Once we both get settled, let’s talk toys again. These past few weeks have been madness for me. It’ll be good to talk to you again.


  2. The Imperial Shuttle was one vehicle I never had; in 1983 I was 12 so I was just about over STAR WARS stuff. It wasn’t until recently that I found out it was one of the bigger toys Kenner put out. Love to have it now!

    • I was in the same boat as you. 12 when ROTJ came out, and the figures were no longer cool. This one I found recently on Craigslist as part of a big lot of stuff that a really nice guy unfortunately was forced to sell. You can see the full load here: http://vimeo.com/10179880

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