Squid Head.

Squid Head. (Vintage Squid Head)

Squid Head. (Vintage Squid Head)

The Squid Head action figure arrived in the later days of the vintage Star Wars action figure line and in my opinion hit a high-water mark for Kenner. A generously detailed sculpt, not one but two over-the-top capes, all finished off with an armored girdle thingy and a righteous blaster. Did I mention the stylie white boots! Pretty much a star achiever from start to finish. Unfortunately the original card sports a weird illustration (or touched up photo) of Squid Head and leaves a little to be desired. But hey in this life we can’t have everything. Or can we?


  1. I’ve never seen him look so pensive. Nice one. I actually did laugh a little out loud when this one loaded up. The juxtaposition of his name and his face (or, more accurately, his head) was too perfect. I though, “Yep. Pretty much.”

    • Thanks. Yeah, he’s pretty serious here. I’ve noticed it’s way easier to get these characters looking dead serious as opposed to, well, anything else. Only the first Lando was granted a smile. The other 91 figures are grimacing. Doomed to an eternity of looking like they’re ready to kick some ass!

  2. Squid Head is indeed a powerful figure! One of the best from the original Kenner line, in my opinion. I like his upper and lower capes and belt, too! Great piece. I think it is still better than the new release, MAYBE except the head. But the head sculpt is cool, too.

    • Love it! Squid Head was a great figure, so was Prune Face. I didn’t know until recently that Prune Face was a rebel, ( or that his name was Orinmako or whatever…) I always thought he was one of Jabba’s thugs.

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