The Beast in Me.

The Beast in Me. (Vintage Yak Face)

The Beast in Me. (Vintage Yak Face)

Also an outtake from an earlier shoot. I like how this one captures the quiet and regal side of a rare Star Wars classic.

Buying Notes for vintage Yak Face

Check out the current vintage Yak Face listings here.

Welcome to the top draw among Kenner’s Last 17 action figures. Hope you brought your wallet!

It’s a drag that Yak Face requires such a hefty buy in, but I’d have to say it’s worthwhile to have one in your collection. Nice thing is that bidding on a vintage Yak Face is a fairly straight forward affair.

First you don’t have to sift through a ton of nonsense in order to find him. It’s not like they were making Yak Face dixie cups and toothbrushes.

Second, Yak Face rarely saw heavy play among the kids of the 80s so when you do find him he tends to be in good condition. Still check for paint wear as his design does involve a good deal of paint ops (not much on the head but plenty on the hands).

And of course you’ll be sure to see that his weapon is included. There have been repro version of this staff spotted, but it’s the same weapon that was issued with some other plentiful ROTJ figures so in all likelihood it should be the real thing.

So best of luck. And please feel free to add any further thoughts in the comments section.

Check out the current vintage Yak Face listings here.


  1. Another example of a sculpt that has so much more character than what was finally made available to the masses of new and old Star Wars fans by Hasbro back in ’98. I’ll always cherish my ultra-rare Yak Face!

    • Exactly. You can easily see why this is such a sought-after figure, despite the character’s relative obscurity in the ROTJ movie.

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