Uncut, Scene 18.

Star Wars Uncut, Scene 18. (Saga Stormtroopers, Vintage Stormtroopers)

Star Wars Uncut, Scene 18. (Saga Stormtroopers, Vintage Stormtroopers)

A glimpse of the set I’ve put together for the first of three scenes I’ll be filming for the Star Wars Uncut Project. Going with stop-motion animation. Only one day into it and already I can see that I’m in for a daunting, rewarding, and educational experience. Huge thanks to Whit at DBSW for his help and inspiration. Because this will take up every last lick of my free time for the next 10 days, and because I’m taking some vacation, and because we’re moving on September 1… this blog is going on hiatus until early September. Mata yo tomodachi!


  1. You’re not kidding about it being both “daunting and rewarding”. It seems like so much work (and it is) but once you see your figures move “on their own” it makes it all worth it! Can’t wait to see your clips. Let me know if you need anything, and good luck with the move.

    • Last night produced 3 separate passes on a 3-second animation. Not necessarily happy with any of them but learned a lot. Also stumbled on a better lighting scenario at the end of the night that I think will make for a better result. I’ll show some stuff soon!

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