Can’t Fake the Fur.

Can't Fake the Fur. (Vintage Romba, Vintage AT-ST)

Can't Fake the Fur. (Vintage Romba, Vintage AT-ST)

Ewoks can be the source of some serious controversy. Some are quick to point out that their small size and cuddly mojo were simply a ploy to sell tons of toys. I’m more of the mind that (cuteness be damned) they basically saved Return of the Jedi from a relatively thin script and a main cast that was quickly running out of steam. That’s right, I’m taking a stand. Ewoks rock.

If you’re a keen observer, let me save you the trouble of getting cross over the Romba label. Yes, this is actually Paploo with Romba’s headgear and spear. Sometimes Ewoks will do that just to mess with you.


    • Ewok feet, minus retouching

      It’s not often I use it on these shots, but I happen to be pretty handy with Photoshop. Those holes didn’t stand a chance.

      Great observation.

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