1. Man! These are so awesome!

    Have you ever considered offering these as prints through Zazzle or Deviantart or the like?

    Do you shoot these at high enough resolution to support a high-quality print?

    • Hey Mike, thanks! Yeah a tentative plan right now is to put together a book to self-publish off of Lulu.com or something like that. Thanks for the encouragement, I haven’t done much towards this lately. Some of the earlier pix weren’t quite as high a resolution as I’d like, but most everything now is at least roughly 2600 px wide. I’ll keep you in the loop as this develops.

      • I am seriously a fan of your work and check out every new post.

        I think there’d certainly be a market for a book. Consider also though, you may get more people interested in a smaller, less expensive impulse purchase such as a postcard or print.

        Too bad Spreadshirt doesn’t seem to have prints available as an option. I know Zazzle and Deviantart do.

        Anyway, just to show you how serious I am, I’m heading over to pick up a shirt from your store right now.

        Oooh. I take that back. I was about to buy a shirt, and I was going to choose the “natural” color, but I noticed that the shadow around Fett’s feet looks like it does something weird where it fades off to white. Have you seen this design printed on natural in person? Is this just an artifact of the site superimposing the image over a stock photo, and really it also looks good on this color in real life? I hope so. If not, let me know and I’ll get it on white instead (unless you could upload a variation that accounts for the shirt color being non-white).

        Keep up the great work!

      • Hey Mike, that’s great advice. So I’d actually not noticed that before. I haven’t seen it printed on natural before. What I do know is this — the spreadshirt doesn’t actually print white ink on a light colored t-shirt like this. Their process just leaves clear where white exists in a design. Unfortunately their website does a crap job of relaying that. Before you buy though, let me take a crack at changing the file to eliminate the haze on the site. That way if there is a problem in the printing you can go back to spreadshirt, point to the design that’s free of problems, and easily demand your money back. Also, Zazzle does a better job of showing off the designs on the website but they’ve already turned me down on the bobafett likeness. 🙁 Stay tuned… and hold off on the tee for now. Thanks again.

  2. Right! I had forgotten about some sites declining art they feel might violate copyright. So many SW shirts these days get by as parody that it’s easy to forget that it’s an issue! 🙂

    Keep me posted about the Fett art. You can reach me at mike@mikedemaine.com

    Also, I’m dying to get this image (This Way Out Redux) as an art print, so let me know how that proceeds, too!

  3. Mike put me on to this. As a Millennium Falcon focus collector, i’d also be interested in a couple of prints. (I need to work out ho to add this to my blog roll.)

    There’s another site called “A Lego a Day” who is doing a similar theme but with Lego figures. I don’t know if you’ve checked him out?

  4. This pic is great, but it also highlights the major flub that Kenner made by not making a Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise figure.

  5. Having only recently come across your work, how close are you to self publishing a book of these? I’d buy one and encourage my students to as well.

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